Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup 2.3.0

A cleaner that you can trust

What happens when the most famous antivirus developer creates its own Android cleaner? The simple answer, you get an effective, safe, and easy to use app. View full description


  • Safe and effective cleaning
  • Massive clean-up
  • Connection with cloud services
  • Recycle Bin
  • Stylish design


  • Cloud uploads could be better implemented
  • Uses an unexpected amount of background data


What happens when the most famous antivirus developer creates its own Android cleaner? The simple answer, you get an effective, safe, and easy to use app.

Avast Cleanup (previously known as Avast GrimeFighter), is a great Android app that will clean up your phone without jeopardizing your valuable files.

Reliable cleaning

After months of continuous use, any Android device will fill with junk files – old photos and applications that eat into your system’s memory until it is no longer possible to do anything.

Android cleaners perform the important task of clearing space on your devices internal memory by deleting necessary files. But they have one drawback: sometimes they can erase more than is necessary, and recovering deleted files from your device’s internal memory is not easy.

Avast Cleanup follows a different philosophy, putting the safety of your files over the speed of your phone. Their mode of safe cleaning only removes useless files. You want to clear more room? Then Avast Cleanup provides you with advanced mode, where you can choose photos, videos, app, and app data that you can quickly clear and send to the Trash.

Yes, you read that right: Trash. Avast Cleanup has a Recycle Bin where you can review the files before deletion. While in traditional cleaners deletion is immediate and intimidating, Avast Cleanup gives you a second, reassuring chance. The perfect way to avoid massive mistakes.

Finally a well-designed cleaner

And then there is the integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts – so instead of deleting the photos you can upload them to the cloud.

A file cleaner should convey a sense of cleanliness, and Avast Cleanup communicates this through a sober and simple look. To use it you just have to press the clear button. Here you can see how much data there is to clean, while an elegant blue vortex animates in the background. There are a few statistics, but the important facts are all there and clearly shown.

Selected apps and files are deleted fast, with little need of further input. Compared to the complexity of Clean Master, Avast Cleanup is as intuitive as wiping the screen: no ads, no extra applications, nor unnecessary notifications. Cleanup has a mission and amply meets it without overloading the brain with useless information.

A cleaner in which you can trust

Already, the name Avast is a guarantee of quality, but Avast Cleanup’s design that inspires confidence: it is a beginner-proof cleaner, designed to minimize errors when deleting files. It is, in short, one of the few optimization tools that I could recommend to my parents without fear that they will erase a valuable photo.

Avast Cleanup


Avast Cleanup 2.3.0